It’s never easy moving to a new area, but if you are bringing kids along with you, then things can get really challenging. If you’re a parent, then you need to factor the education of your children into the location you might choose. If you’re not familiar with the area yet but want the best schools in Lodi, CA, you need to know how to find them from afar or in advance. Keep reading for some ideas on how to do just that.

Consult Your Real Estate Professional

The very first conversation you should have with anyone about area schools is actually with whatever community real estate professional you’re working with. He or she can give you information on neighborhood schools, as they’ll know the zones for public schools but also what private schools are available.

If a private school is your preference, then you’ll likely have extra flexibility in where your new home is, given that you won’t have to land within the particular boundaries of a certain school.

On the other hand, if your kids are going to attend public school, then you have to know what the physical boundaries are for those school districts, as your home hunt will be narrowed down to those areas. Even then, how long will you be set? School districts can move the boundaries any given year, meaning you wind up in a district for a different school then you originally planned on. It’s worth consulting the school district office about the likelihood of this, and chances of it happening to you tend to go down the closer you get to a school’s actual location.

Do Your Online Research

Once you get some general idea which schools are best, it’s a good idea to do more research online. If you’d like data for every school district, visit the National Center for Education Statistics. GreatSchools is a national nonprofit that rates each school for things like test scores, program information, teacher quality, principal leadership, and parental involvement. is another good site to visit where you can get district and school rankings presented in a side-by-side comparison tool.

SchoolDigger and GreatSchools bot have limited information about private schools, and the National Center for Education Statistics provides an online database with fundamental information like the make-up of the student body, affiliations, and grades taught.

Visit Or Contact The Schools

If you can visit them personally, that’s great, but even if not, find some way to get answers to the following questions at the minimum: How does each school monitor the progress of students towards grade-level standards? Is there free busing available? Is a parent organization active? How does technology get used in supporting the learning and teaching in the classrooms? What kinds of extracurricular activities are open to students? What entrance requirements do private schools have?

Plan Things In Advance

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of prospects to just a few, start taking a look at the housing in the public boundaries. For private schools, look for what’s inside a commuting distance that you find acceptable.

Even if you’re focused on private schooling, you might want to look at the public schools you’d fall under anyway. You might be forced to cut back on spending if your income falls or you have more kids than you planned. Also, a home in a highly ranked school district might offer more resale value later on. More info:

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